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Maths Tuition to get good results

We are a group of experienced and MOE trained teachers who are committed to student learning. Classroom materials are carefully selected and crafted to cater to each individual’s learning styles, abilities and interests, making learning fun and relatable for the students. Our teachers equip students with life skills such critical thinking and analytical skills by asking them thoughtful questions to facilitate their learning.

We provide opportunities for our students to explore the world of possibilities out there by weaving teachable moments and incorporating global trends into our lessons, ultimately getting them genuinely interested in what happens in the classroom and beyond. Much like the process of metamorphosis in butterflies, Learners Ed aims to transform your child and change the way he or she masters Mathematics.


Primary Maths Tuition Potong Pasir
Maths is all around us

Building an education on the foundation of Mathematics not only provides opportunities in various fields such as engineering, architecture, science and business, it also prepares your child for success in everyday life. From grocery shopping and scheduling to budgeting and analytical thinking, math is all around us.

Secondary Maths Tuition Potong Pasir

Learners Ed programs engage students in Mathematics with easily grasped concepts and captivating material. Our students are trained well beyond the level of national examinations, acquiring logical, abstract and critical thinking skills through training in reasoning, connections, applications, modelling and heuristics.

Maths Tuition to Get Good Results

Our cutting edge teaching technique utilizes a systematic method of simplifying complex questions into bite-sized content with systematic steps. Organized by topic, category, and type, our curriculum presents real life problems and solutions, creating a mathematical real world connection for our students.



Hi Mrs Low, I want to let you know that Madeleine gets 90.5 for her Maths at SA 2. This is a big improvement for her. Thanks again for teaching her and your encouragement. This helps her a lot. Thank you.


Dear Mrs Tan, Thank you for teaching me all the wonderful Maths tricks! You are a great, awesome teacher.

Lee Violet


Our teachers understand that students’ attitudes towards Mathematics are shaped by their learning experiences. Our group of MOE trained teachers are committed to making learning fun, meaningful and relevant for the students by bringing interactive resources and making connection to everyday life in our teaching.

We also understand that the Primary Mathematics syllabus is based on a spiral curriculum. For example, concepts taught in P3 to P6 are built upon those that they have learnt in P1 and P2. Our teachers are trained to lay strong foundation for students in lower primary and help them make the connection to what was taught in the foundation years as they enter upper primary, allowing students to draw linkages to the concepts that they have learnt and build upon their prior knowledge.