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Who we are

Learners Ed is an education centre established due to our deep passion for Maths, to teach and empower our students to reach for greater heights. We are a group of teachers who have a deep understanding of the MOE syllabus and classroom challenges facing our students today. Much like the process of metamorphosis in butterflies, Learners Ed aims to transform our students to master their skills in Maths and tap into their unrealized potential to achieve results that they have dream of.

Our Philosophy and Goals

Here at Learners Ed, we acknowledge the wide spectrum of capabilities, interests, pace of learning and different learning styles students may have. This understanding is translated to the design of our curriculum where our classroom materials allow us to adjust to suit the individual. Our relatively small classroom size enables us to provide full coaching for our students. Our curriculum is designed to help students approach Maths in a practical and relevant way, aimed to open and stretch their minds, build confidence towards the subject and when this happens, they will naturally grow to love Maths. Aside from the weekly classes, we hold occasional holiday programs and specialty workshops aimed to enhance learning through hands on creative and fun activities.

Partnering Success

We firmly believe in partnering with parents to equip our students with a positive mindset and attitude towards learning Mathematics. Our practice is to provide regular updates on your child’s progress and work closely with parents to participate in their child’s learning and provide support for them. Only by working closely in partnership with parents can we create the best learning environment to help our students achieve their fullest potential. Their success is our success.