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Excel in PSLE Maths at Learners Ed


This year is a crucial year for our boy as it is his Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) year! To many families, this is one of the first and sometimes the most important exam their kids have to go through in Singapore. It is the same for us too. When we were looking for additional help in the form of maths tuition for him, we came across Learners Ed centre in Potong Pasir. There are many tuition centres which offer [...]

P1 preparation workshop with Learners Ed


Media Invite: In a blink of an eye, Big K will be entering a new phase of her life— Primary school. I am still in denial. Is this petite girl measuring 105cm really going into Primary school? Is she ready? Reality sunk in a little when we did our nerve-wrecking primary one registration in July. But i am still rather chill on the acadmic front. While other kids her age attended enrichments after enrichments, i harbour ambitious thoughts on teaching [...]

2017 PSLE Badminton Question


Question: In a Badminton court, only 4 players can play at each time. There are 5 players. The entire duration is 2 hrs. What is the average time each player can play? Solution: At any one time, only 4 students can play on the court and 1 player will have to sit on the bench. Step 1: Convert from hours into minutes: 2 hours = 120 mins Step 2: Calculate total play time for the 5 students: 120 mins x [...]

Do you have a Maths brain ?


Have you ever wondered why some people are born with an innate ability for Maths i.e. Maths brain that determines how he or she performs in school? Conversely, has it ever occur to your that your kid may just not have the Maths brain which answers why he or she is not performing at school? This is a topic that has always puzzled many parents and also educators like us. As Maths Specialists, having been in this industry for a [...]

Learning Math with Slime! – LearnersEd Openhouse 2017


Last weekend, we were invited to attend a workshop with an irresistible offer- an opportunity to make slime and learn math all at the same time. For the kids it was a no-brainer. Make slime? Sold. For mummy me, it was a no brainer too, make slime …without getting the house messy and gucky? For sure! So off we trooped to LearnersEd, a Math learning centre, nestled in the cosy neighborhood of Potong Pasir, ready to get our hands mucky [...]

Follow These 6 tips to Ace Maths Exams


As I am sure you know, revising Maths can be painful; you dread getting out of bed to stare at those words and numbers, you feel your tears welling in your eyes as you try to take in the concepts and you feel your heart racing as you read through those unfamiliar questions in the exams. Is there ever a solution to these problems? Definitely! Here at Learners Ed, we’ve got your back covered with 6 tips to help you [...]

6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Tuition Center for Your Child


As parents, we want the very best for our children. Every decision we make on our child's behalf is done in an effort to shape a bright and successful. Education is an essential element of Singapore's success as a nation. The Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) assesses and ranks students across the globe in the areas of mathematics, science, and reading. The most recent PISA assessment results revealed Singapore in the number one position for all three subject fields. [...]

What Makes Singapore’s Students Succeed in Mathematics?


When it comes to international performance in the field of mathematics, Singapore’s students top the charts. There are several global assessments, such as the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) and the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), all of them resulting in Singapore as a top performing nation. According to the Financial Times, Singapore isn’t spending an excessive amount on math programs. In fact, the nation spends about three percent of GDP on education, compared to the [...]