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Hannah Low

Founder, P5 and P6 Maths Specialist

With over a decade of experience teaching in schools, Hannah is well versed in the most current and advantageous education methodologies.Hannah graduated from the University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor Degree of Arts and Social Science in Mathematics and holds a Diploma in Education (PGDE) awarded from the National Institute of Education (NIE).

Hannah’s natural gift for communication, coupled with her ten years of experience observing the way children learn as individuals, provide her the knowledge and skills to develop and demonstrate innovative, well-crafted lesson plans. Her teaching technique consists of engaging curriculum and hands-on activities, two essential strategies for mastering Mathematics.

Students working with Hannah will find themselves absorbing critical Maths skills through creative research projects as well as fun activities such as puzzles and games. Her goal is to constantly innovate the learning program at Learners Ed, making Maths far from boring, and instead both fascinating and fun. She accomplishes this goal in both her student and parent classes.

Ow Siew Li

Secondary Maths Specialist

Ow Siew Li is a gifted teacher and educational mentor. She has been teaching in Singapore schools for the past 17 years and has served as an adviser to many newer teachers. She holds both a Bachelor Degree of Science in Mathematics from National University of Singapore (NUS) and a Diploma in Education (PGDE) from the National Institute of Education (NIE).

With near twenty years of teaching experience, Siew Li has an expert understanding of the Secondary School Mathematics Syllabus and highly effective lesson plans that give her students both knowledge and comprehension. Beyond her professional experience, her personal passion for Mathematics is contagious and her students achieve excellent results.

Chen Weijie

P4 and P5 Maths Specialist

National Institute of Education graduate Chen Weijie believes in student-centered learning. Holding a Bachelor Degree of Arts in Education, Weijie’s mission is to motivate children to desire knowledge, using creative teaching techniques thatcultivate self-directed learning.

Weijie’s infectious excitement for learning is passed on to each of her students. She thoughtfully devises and implements individualized lesson plans that are both engaging and entertaining. Her cheerful disposition, love of knowledge, and gifted Maths interpretation skills make her classroom a place of positively achieved academic excellence. Students leave her class with smiles and a long-lasting understanding of mathematical concepts.

Sylvia Chan

P3 Maths Specialist

Sylvia brings with her an extraordinary skill set in the form of real world mathematics experience. During her tenure as a government Urban & Transport Planner, Sylvia utilized her mathematics expertise to conduct field studies and analyze circumstances concerning land use and development. From calculating intensity of land to evaluating road capacities, Sylvia’s career daily centered around mathematics.

A working mother with a Bachelor of Urban Planning and Development, Syliva found herself able to impress upon her children her passion for maths. Over the years, her love of teaching her own children developed into a gift of enlightening neighborhood kids to the joy of learning, specifically mathematics, eventually driving her to switch careers and become a full-time educator.

A nurturing spirit and engaging teaching style, Sylvia is a natural fit at Learner’s Ed. Her enthusiasm for mathematics is contagious and her communication style brilliant, making every lesson an experience for each of her students.

Jenn Lee

P1 and P2 Maths Specialist

Jenn is a passionate and well-known educational blogger with a wealth of learning resources. A Deakin University graduate and mother, she provides experience and prospective from both sides of the system.

Jenn’s son began to read and show interest in Mathematics at the age of two. Eager to encourage his natural interest in education, Jenn researched several learning methods. After some trial and error, she found the most effective learning styles and catered curriculum for her son with these methods. Realizing she was on to something, Jenn started a blog to share her teaching techniques with other parents.

The Asian Parents Portal named Jenn as one of the top 35 parent bloggers to watch. With her blog, she provides an information hub for parents looking for useful tips on the best way to teach their children. She focuses on pre-school and lower primary levels, immersing herself in the Singapore education system.

One of Kiasuparent’s Kindred Parent partners, Jenn is educated, innovative, and passionate about Mathematics. Her enthusiastic spirit and keen mind make her classroom an exciting place to be, for children and parents alike.