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Would you like to see your child transform into someone who not only excels at Mathematics, but genuinely enjoys the subject? At Learners Ed, we believe your child has the potential to master math.

We are a group of proficient and passionate MOE certified teachers who are applying our collective experience to curate a one of a kind mathematics teaching system. Breaking away from traditional worksheets and obscure curriculum, we incorporate real world scenarios into abstract, logical, and critical thinking math problems. With this relatable approach, students comprehend and appreciate the applicability of their newly acquired mathematical skills.

The educators at Learners Ed view each student as an individual We familiarize ourselves with your child’s interests, strengths, and challenges, curating an individualized mathematics program best suited for their unique learning style.

Complex concepts are reduced into easily processed lessons using logical skills. Employing this bite-sized tutorial method in tandem with real world application takes math from a convoluted foreign concept to an uncomplicated problem-solving method that students understand and utilize.

At Learners Ed, you will see your child go through a complete metamorphosis in the field of mathematics. Our team stays abreast in trending Singapore math requirements, studying school tests and exams from all over the island, applying each element into our syllabus and curriculum.

We currently offer our unique education opportunities to both Primary 1-6 (PSLE) and Sec 1
– 4 Additional and Elementary Maths (O Levels). At Learners Ed, we do not require an
entrance exam because we believe every child, regardless of current standings, deserves an
equal opportunity to spread their wings and rise in the world of Mathematics.


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